corgi's web site

hii, i'm corgi! if you need to contact me for any reason, including to report bugs/issues on my website, you can reach me through my e-mail I have no other forms of contact at this time.

This is my button, you can use it to link to my page.

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Important! please use the built in white back arrows to get between pages (instead of the browser back arrow). audio may get messed up if you don't


To Do List + Changelog

Website is still in WIP, so please reach my e-mail or report an issue to my github if there are any problems with my website. Help is highly appreciated.


  • add more fish dialogue
  • implement diary with password !!! not sure how to do that yet
  • add volume control buttons on every page, to control volume without keys

Known Issues:

  • can't change volume without keyboard (fuck you mobile users)

What's New:

  • code more efficiency wonders
  • the cursor tells you if you can click it now :D wondrous
  • changed the song

Important Info:

  • Press space bar to pause and play music
  • use the plus and minus keys to control volume
  • talk to the fish!!

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